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A picture of Ruth with cropped hair, looking side long at the camera

Hi, I'm Ruth.

The story of body synergy, how and why I do what is do is yet to be

written in a concise way to interest and yet not bore the reader.  Please​ feel free to take a look at the google reviews for a feeling of what Body Synergy massage and movement is all about...

What do I offer?

Over 20 years experience, learning and training in the health and fitness industry informs the way I massage and provide coaching for body and health issues. 

From pregnancy massage and exercise to functional biomechanics to enhance remedial massage, the services of Body Synergy are not easily defined but the results and relief provided are what keep people coming back and referring family and friends.

What is Body Synergy all about?

Body Synergy Massage and Movement incorporates body, mind, emotion and spirit for each client.  Every person has their own experience, beliefs, values and desires for how they express and live through their physical body. 


We are sensory beings and as such require sensory experience to define and learn about ourselves.  The kinesthetic allows us to define who and how we are within our own body and in the space we inhabit.  Touch and movement give us opportunity to  reconnect with our kinesthetic way of learning and being. 


If you've ever had the feeling of being 'too much in your head' or overwhelmed by emotion, then reconnecting to your physical body through touch or movement can restore balance.  The reverse can also be true, when overwhelmed with too much physical tension, pain or limitation, then touch and movement can also create an awareness of this to allow the flow of emotion and clear thinking to return.

The body is immensely wise and given the chance to renew, relax and release tension can be our best teacher and wisest oraclce.

At some point the BLOG will be populated with more thoughts, stories and insights about bodies and how the way we live in them represents more than just our physical health status.

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