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Relaxation Massage

A lady lying face down on a massage bed in a calm clinic receving aRelaxing Massage

A massage to calm the body and the mind. Using calming and coaxing techniques and only the pressure your body requires, you'll be blissed out and floating in no time. 

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnant women standing side on to the camera in a field, lovingly holding her belly. Image by Devon Divine

A relaxing and restorative treatment for any stage of pregnancy.  Whether experiencing specific issues in the low back and hips, tired and restless legs, shoulder and neck tension or specific issues like carpal tunnel - Pregnancy massage offers a respite from the immense and amazing job your body is doing of growing a human!  Take the time out to allow your body to feel at ease and even lighter.


Two hands gently massaging the neck of a women lying face up on the massage table with her head rotated to the left.Acupressure Neck Massage

Remedial does NOT mean a hard and painful massage.  It means offering remedy for what is limiting movement, causing pain, or creating tension patterns in the body.  It is usually a focussed treatment on a specific issue.  Tension is coaxed from the body, range of movement is restored and easing the nervous system is paramount.

 Rebates available. 

Lymphatic Therapy

Image by Dewet Willemse

Lympathic Therapy 

Scar Therapy

Two hands gently touching some stalks of lavender. Image by Vero Manrique

Scar tissue can create restrictions in movement, blood flow, nerve impulses and lymphatics.  In some instances it can result in unwanted sensations and pain.  Gentle scar therapy offers your scars a chance to integrate with the tissue around it  This can improve their appearance, change the way they feel, sensations experienced and ease pain in the body caused by myofascial restrictions.. 

Emmett Therapy

A women's hand hovering over a still body of water, fer fingers have just touched the water and there are ripples in the water.Image by Yoann Boyer

Emmett Therapy is a gentle and highly effective muscle release therapy.

What to expect from your session

At Body Synergy we use a range of modalities to connect you back to your body. Combining the presence of touch, and the wisdom of the body in movement to free you from restriction and bring a new level of ease. 

With years of experience in a variety of modalities, we also understand what it is to be a human and empathise with the toll that the experiences of life have on the body. 

We do NOT massage with the intention to 'fix' you with aggressive, intrusive methods of treatment. Rather, it is an experience to bring you closer to all that your body is currently holding and allow the power of touch to help you let go of unwanted tension and restriction.  A specific issue can be addressed or general stress, tension or condition be focused on.

As with most massage modalities you will be required to undress down to your underwear and lie on a massage table, full towel draping is provided for your privacy.  Only areas of the body being worked on are undraped.  Oil is used, along with various balms as appropriate. (An Emmett therapy session does not require this and can be done fully clothed.) 

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