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A yellow daisy in the foreground with green leaves in the background. Image by Arun kuttiyani

"Just wow! I cannot speak or rate high enough for what I receive from Ruth. Her intuition and passion for her work and the way she understands the body is truly magical."

Amanda Huthnance

A pink lotus flower inthe foreground with lilypads adn water in the background.Image by Zoltan Tasi

"To say Ruth performed a miracle on my back is putting it mildly. She genuinely takes the time to understand you and what your real problem might be. Ruth has changed my life, thank you!"

Michelle Short

A sunflower with a sunset in the background. Image by Mike Marrah

"Ruth has magic hands and is able to soothe my tension and pains without causing more. I don't trust many people to work on my body, but I trust Ruth." 

Amy Russell

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